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Corso avanzato di inglese per professionisti sanitari

International scientific English and health communication

Corso avanzato per professionisti sanitari tenuto in lingua inglese

The course foresees four stages:

  • 1st stage: December 2019 – January 2020. Teachers get in contact with each student by mail to give the first assignment
  • 2nd stage: Saturday 22nd February
  • 3rd stage: Saturday 28th March
  • 4th stage: Saturday 9th May



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Perché partecipare?

Goals: achieving competences and fluency in the use of International English and developing health communication skills

The course is for health professionals who are willing to acquire better communication skills and fluency when using the English language in their job and in an international setting

During the course, both teachers and participants will be using English when speaking, listening and writing, taking into consideration the fact that English has become the international vehicular language

The course is implementing an innovative teaching method, based on the "Teaching for Learning" perspective, through "Learning by doing" activities and “cooperative learning”. With this method, the students are active learners and are placed at the centre of the learning process, becoming the protagonists of their learning.

The pedagogical method of this course involves a cyclical process, based on the results of learning outcomes, tasks and activities that students have to accomplish, followed by relevant feedbacks from teachers. The cyclical nature of this process allows the participants to acquire a higher level of communication and to increase their English skills.

The cyclical nature of the process works as follows:

metodologia didattica corso avanzato inglese per professionisti sanitari

To achieve this target, the students will be preparing assignments at home. We strongly recommend students to do all the assignments and to respect their deadlines. We also suggest attending all the Didactic Units. To be able to participate actively during the lessons, we recommend a B1 level of English, at least.

The course foresees four stages:

  • 1st STAGE: the student will receive an e-mail with the instructions about their first assignment. In this way, they start achieving competences usable at the next stage.
  • 2nd STAGE: the students will present themselves in class and then participate in a debate on a specific topic using a ‘role-playing’ strategy.
  • 3rd STAGE: the students will prepare a presentation of a topic of their interest and discuss it in class. Other didactic activities are carried out.
  • 4th STAGE: the students will read a novel and are asked to prepare a review of their chosen book. In their last lesson, students have to cope with an unexpected assignment.

In each stage, teachers have scheduled short lectures and videos about Internationalization and English as a medium of communication.

The ideal number of participants in this course is a maximum of 12 students.


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Professionisti sanitari

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30 ottobre 2019 o esaurimento posti

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